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  • Is there any communication cable free for user?

    No, RS232 or RS485 cable made by user through three pcs wire. We will send the terminal drawing for reference.

  • Can you have a look customer project file to find out the problem?

    Yes, sure. It needs to share your original project file to us. Then our engineer will check them in details to shorten the time and solve.

  • If meet the technical question, how do get the supporting from Mochuan?

    Yes, it is a good question. We will create a technical supporting group ONLY for you. All the technical question is to solve through it one to one online.

    You can ask our engineer to make DEMO, description file or the other’s way.

  • What is pay attention on communication?

    Yes, there are some need to pay attention, if wanna more rs485 port for multi-connect. It needs to inform us, to match RS485 card. Because different series with different quantity of extension.
    If require Ethernet. Also inform us, it also need to match the Ethernet card.

  • Should choose dc power or ac power of the plc controller model?

    It needs to check your whole project requirement, some customers choose DC but some customers choose AC power. Both of them are ok for our plc programmable logic controller.

  • How do select the correct model plc controller?

    At first, it needs to tell, how many channels is switch control, and how many channels is motion control. Second, is there any special requirement, such as analog, temperature, pulse etc. And what is signal to realize these function you want. Third, the next will be more easier. You can select the model through our plc catalog. Or recommend the high advantage competitive model through Mochuan engineer team.

  • Is the software of plc free?

    Yes, it is free for the user.


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