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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

Mochuan PLC Conroller For Industrial Automation

Mochuan PLC MV2U MV3U Controller 

Mochuan plc controllers (plc programmable logic controller) support main module and special function module. There are 1208, 1616 and 3232 of main module and analog special function module, i/o module and temperature module for selection.

What Is Feature Of Mochuan MV2U MV3U Series PLC Programmable Logic Controller?

1. First of all, the ADC chip acquisition speed used in our analog module is 500K. If the communication speed between the expansion module and the main module is required to be fast enough. Our Mochuan plc supports to hang 16pcs expansion modules can reach a communication speed of 5M.

2. Our plc data interaction is master-slave mode. If the communication speed of lc and hmi is required to be fast engough, the HMI to communicate plc through ethernet, should be able to meet the requirments of high speed processing needs, and the most important thing is that our expansion moudle itself comes with a filtering function, which should be able to filter some clutter iinterference.

3. MV3U standard series plc, built-in 4x200Khz pulse input and output, supporting to extend 16pcs special function. Supporting industry customized function: Flying scissors and chasing scissors; Electronic gear follow, 5pcs communication port, Modbus TCP communication protocol; The pulse table function provides 100 pulse to switch at any time. All series are equipped with S type acceleration curve as standard, and linear acceleration and curve acceleration can be switched freely, making machanical control more efficient and stable.

4. With standard match RS232 +RS485+ Micro USB, MC-TCP-M ethernet is in optional to realize Modbus TCP communication.

5. MV3U series plc, 6000steps basic instruction with 0.1~0.15ms, 6000steps application instructions with 0.2~0.3ms, the loop instruction is executed all the time( FOR K32767), adding 4 floating-point plus instructions with 224.4ms; The loop instructions are executed all the time( FOR K32767), add 4 integers plus instructions( 16bits) with 55ms;  200000Hz 10000pulse forward and revers, acceleration and deceleration time 100ms, 3000times all the time. The given instruction processing speed is 0.02us. 

6. To ensure that the PLC runs stably for a long time under various harsh conditions, the quality of the power supply is very important, so we spare no effort in the design of the power supply. 48W maximum power, power efficiency 85%, 24VDC output load capacity 1A, after strict voltage shock, anti-electromagnetic interference test.

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Mochuan plc support MV2U and MV3U series and special fuction module for selection. Highly recommend of Mochuan MV3U series plc, becuase its cost and performance. Welcome contact us for quotation and more.

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PLC Functional Features

1. Easy To use and simple to program

  1. Programming languages such as concise ladder diagrams, logic diagrams or statement tables are used, without the need for computer knowledge, so the system development cycle is short and on-site debugging is easy. In addition, the program can be modified online to change the control scheme without disassembling the hardware.

2. Strong function and high advantage competitive

A small PLC with hundreds or thousands of user-avaiable programming elements is highly powerful and can implement very complex control functions. It has a high performance cost ratio compared to relay systems with the same function. PLC can realize decentralized control and centralized management through communication networking.

3. Complete hardware, easy for users to use

Strong adaptability PLC products have beeen standardized serialized, modular, equipped with a complete variety of hardware devices for users to choose, users can flexibly and conveniently configure the system, composed of different functions, different scale of the system. The installation wiring of the PLC is also very convenient, and the external wiring is generally connected with terminal blocks. PLC has strong load capacity and can directly drive general solenoid valves and small AC contactors. After the hardware configuration is determined, the user program can be modified to easily and quickly adapt to changes in process conditions.

4. High Reliability and strong anti-interference ability

The traditional relay control system uses a large number of intermediate relays, time relays, which are prone to failure due to poor contact of the contacts. PLC replaces a large number of intermediate relays and time relays with software, leaving only a small number of hardware components related to input and output, wiring can be reduced to 1/10-1/100 of the relay control system, and the failure caused by poor contact contact is greatly reduced. 

PLC has adopted a series of hardware and software anti-interference measures, with strong anti-interference ability, the average time between failures reaches tens of thousands of hours, can be directly used in industrial production sites with strong interference, plc has beeen recognized by the majority of users as one of the most reliable industrial control equipment.

5. Less work in system design, installation and debugging

PLC replaces a large number of intermediate relays, time relays, counters and other devices in the relay control system with software functions, so that the design, installation and wiring workload of the control cabinet are greatly reduced. The ladder diagram program of plc is generally designed using the sequence control design method. This programming method is regular and easy to master. For complex control systems, it takes much less time to design a ladder diagram than to design a circuit diagram of a relay system with the same function. The user program of the PLC can be simulated in the laboratory, the input signal is simulated with a small switch, and the state of the output signal can be observed by the light-emitting diode on the PLC. After completing the installation and wiring of the system, the problems found in the field coordination process can generally be solved by modifying the program, and the commissioning time of the system is much less than that of the relay system.

6. Small maintenance workload and convenient maintenance

The failure rate of plc is very low, and it has perfect self-diagnosis and display functions. When the plc or external input device and actuator fail, the cuase of the fault can be quickly identified according to the information provided by the light-emitting diode or programmer on the PLC, and the cause can be quickly eliminated by replacing the module.

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