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MochuanDrives have a very professional Technical supporting Engineer Team to wait and solve all the technical from our customers through one-to-one online. Offering free-worry after-sale technical service if you work with us. MochuanDrives deserve your truthwory, maybe you a little try will bring you a more valueable market and new growth points.

  • Engineers Foucs On Technical Sovling
    Engineers Foucs On Technical Sovling
  • Introducing Product To Customer
    Introducing Product To Customer
  • Engineers Discuss Project Solution
    Engineers Discuss Project Solution
  • Dicuss PCB Board Hardware Design
    Dicuss PCB Board Hardware Design
  • Engineers Communications New Products
    Engineers Communications New Products
  • PCB Board Ineer Design Structure
    PCB Board Ineer Design Structure

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We believe that quality is the soul of an enterprise, and high quality chips decide the stable operation of the entire product. We use full-process automated testing equipment to ensure production quality while shortening the delivery time.

  • SMT Production Line
    SMT Production Line
  • PCB Board Printing
    PCB Board Printing
  • AOI Optical Detection
    AOI Optical Detection
  • PCB Board Plug-In
    PCB Board Plug-In
  • PCB Board Dection
    PCB Board Dection
  • HMI Finished Goods Assemble
    HMI Finished Goods Assemble
    • 2022

      MochuanDrives focus on solving customers, the using technical problems through one-to-one online service 7/24, offering free-worry to our customers after-sale technical service. To meet the market and customers application requirements, to increase customized high-end pmsm motors products, including ac and dc. The customize including technical, parameter, special function, special performance, special application working environment, material, and color of shell..etc, with our brother company.

    • 2022
    • 2020

      Mochuan Drives Successfully developed own plc controller products, which are applied to multi-industry solutions in China, such as pillow packing machine, labeling machine, sleeve labeling machine, cable terminal machine, air compressor, constant pressure water supply, medical industry, new energy industry, boiler equipment, central air conditioning etc. We have mature solution for these industry application. If you need them, welcome contact us.

    • 2020
    • 2015

      Mochuan Drives started to establish a foreign trade export team, mainly export HMI panel, PLC controller, permanent magnet motor, is very popular in European and American markets and Southeast Asia and to get many nice feedback. Let us accumulate the way of communication with customers from different countries, the technical problems that customers in different industries are concerned, and be able to quickly offer customers the model selection and executable solutions for customers reference through their simple descriptions. Choosing us means choosing professionalism and peace of mind.

    • 2015
    • 2009

      There was a small and confident Mochuan Drives Team established at this very important 2009. We specialize in industry solutions and system integration in mainland China. Accumulated rich field practical experience and flexible handling of technical difficulties, which can not be achieved by pure service hotline technical support, because they lack on-site commissioning experience.

    • 2009


MOCHUAN DRIVES product get through Certificate to meet different customer requirement on the market or custom.

  • HMI Certificate
    HMI Certificate
  • HMI certificate -1
    HMI certificate -1
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