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MOCHUAN the Pillow Wrapping Machine Solution Adopts PLC Controller, HMI touch Screen and Three Servo

1.The Situation of the Pillow Wrapping Machine

From the current situation, the global demand for packaging machinery to the annual growth rate of 5.3%. The United States has the largest producer of packaging equipment, followed by Japan, other major producers include Germany, Italy and China. But the fastest growing packaging equipment production in the future is in the developing countries and regions. Developed countries will profit from stimulating domestic demand, and in developing countries to find the right local manufacturers, especially in food processing plants to invest in the provision of packaging machinery and equipment. And China has made great progress since its accession to the WTO, China's level of packaging machinery is improving very quickly, and the gap between the world's advanced level is gradually narrowing. With China's increasing openness, China's packaging machinery will also further open up the international market.

2.Working Principle

The pillow wrapping machine is a continuous wrapping machine with very high packing capacity and suitable for a wide range of specifications for food and non-food packaging. It can be used not only for packaging of non-branded packaging materials, but also for high-speed packaging using pre-printed logo patterns on rolls. In the packaging production, due to the error between the printed positioning color code on the packaging material, the stretching of the packaging material and mechanical transmission and other factors, the scheduled sealing part of the packaging material may deviate from the correct position, and the error. In order to eliminate the error and achieve the purpose of correct sealing and cutting, the packaging design must consider the automatic positioning problem, to solve this problem is mostly based on the positioning of packaging materials to complete the continuous photoelectric automatic positioning system design. The continuous photoelectric positioning system according to the error compensation working method is divided into in and out type, brake type and two drive system synchronization type.

3.MOCHUAN Solution of the Pillow Wrapping Machine

3-1. Structural Features

1) Three servo motor control, the bag length is set that cut, no need to adjust the empty walk, a step in place, save time and save film.

2) Colorful Human machine interface, convenient and quick parameter setting.

3) Fault self-diagnosis function, fault display is clear at a glance.

4) High-sensitivity photoelectric eye color scale tracking, making the sealing and cutting position more accurate.

5) Independent PID control of temperature, better suitable for various materials wrapping film.

6) Positioning stop function, no sticky knife, no film cost.

7) Simple transmission system, more reliable work, more convenient maintenance.

8) All control is realized by software, convenient for function adjustment and technology upgrade, never lag behind.

3-2. MOCHUAN Match Product for the Solution

Adopting PLC programmable logic controller + HMI Human machine interface + Servo

The system adopts our standard performance plc programmable logic controller, the operation scan cycle is less than 1ms, and it supports flying shear, chasing shear, electronic gear and other functions. MV3U-1616T4-A plc controller with 3 axes synchronous control, follow the virtual spindle movement, one key to adjust the packaging speed. Open mechanical parameters, adjustable servo resolution, mechanical gear ratio and other parameters, easy to adapt to various models and mechanical mechanisms. And adopting 7inch HMI touch screen panel, there are to solution for customer. If wanna control the cost well, it suggests 7inch MC-H070S or 10.1inch MC-H100E HMI touch screen monitor. If High-end positioning, suggesting to choose M007 7inch multi touch capacitive HMI panel, to bring the user with different experience. 

4. MOCHUAN Solution Function Description

1) Anti-cutting: It supports two modes of photoelectric anti-cutting and servo torque anti-cutting. The cutting knife stops at a certain angle or automatically bounces to the set angle to discharge the abnormal material, and the cutting knife will automatically follow to resume operation after the material is discharged.

2) Anti-empty packet: By judging the status of anti-empty packet electric eye, the knife and film will stop automatically when the packet is empty, and will resume operation automatically after the material comes in.

3) Multi-knife and multi-tooth position: Maximum support 5 knives and tooth position, production speed up to 700 bags/min, suitable for candy packaging. 

4) Fixed-length packaging: suitable for applications with fixed bag length, such as bread, cookie packaging, etc.;

5) Variable-length packaging: suitable for applications where the material length changes, such as hardware packaging, vegetable packaging, etc.; color-coded tracking packaging: suitable for applications with fixed bag length and packaging film with its own pattern and color code. 

5.Easy Operation

1) Etailed system parameters, adaptable to various models. 

2) Provides quick data monitoring for commissioning personnel to monitor equipment status.

3) Easy to operate, the home page only retains the main parameters commonly used.Graphical display of dynamic changes in tool and material level.

6.Scope of Application

Suitable for food industry, candy packaging equipment, cake packaging equipment, bread packaging equipment, custard pie packaging equipment, pharmaceutical industry equipment, daily necessities equipment, soap packaging equipment, soap packaging equipment, disposables equipment, chopsticks packaging equipment, fork packaging equipment, spoon packaging equipment, hardware products equipment, screw packaging equipment, bearing packaging equipment, knife packaging equipment, plastic products equipment, toys Stationery equipment, industrial supplies equipment, industrial parts equipment, auto parts equipment, etc.

7.Selection Suggestions

1, At first to determine which products they will buy packaging machines to be packaged. Some packaging machinery manufacturers have many varieties of products, in the purchase of packaging machines, hoping that a device can package all of their own varieties. In fact, often special machines are better than compatible machines for packaging. A packaging machine packaging variety is best not to exceed 3-5 varieties. There is also a relatively large difference in shape and size of the product as far as possible to separate the machine packaging.

2, High advantage competitive is the first principle. At this stage, the quality of domestic production of packaging machines than before has improved greatly, especially the pillow packaging machine, the proportion of exports has been out of imports a lot, so the price of domestic machines can be purchased completely to the quality of imported machines. Only buy the right one, not the expensive one.

3, as far as possible, choose a long history of brand-name packaging machine companies, quality assurance. Choose a technically mature, stable quality models, so that packaging faster and more stable, low energy consumption, low manual, low scrap rate. Packaging machine is a talent-consuming machine, if the purchase of low-quality machines, in the future of daily production of wasted packaging film over time, decided not a small number.

4, such as field visits, to focus on the big aspects, pay more attention to the small details, often the details determine the quality of the whole machine. As far as possible with samples to try the machine.

5, in terms of after-sales service, "the circle" to have a good reputation. After-sales service in a timely manner, on call, especially for food processing enterprises is particularly important. Such as moon cake enterprises have only two months of production each year, if the packaging machine in the production of problems there can not be resolved immediately, the loss can be imagined.

6, the peer trust packaging machine can be given priority.

7, as far as possible to purchase simple operation and maintenance, complete accessories, fully automatic continuous feeding mechanism, which can improve packaging efficiency and reduce labor costs, suitable for the long-term development of enterprises.

8.Fault Repair

First, the temperature is too high, the speed is too slow, the outer layer of the film heat resistance is poor, the seal will appear scorched and wrinkled traces of repair method is to adjust the speed, reduce the temperature, replace the film material.

Second, the knife seat is too high or too low, packaging speed is too fast, the push rod and cutter is not synchronized, the knife will cut in the product repair method is to reduce the packaging speed, adjust the end seal parts high and low, so that the center of the sealing knife in the middle of the product height.

Third, the color of the film color code is too light, film drive slippage, color code tracking does not open when the cut-off position deviates from the color code, the method of repair is to refer to the packaging machine manual, adjust its sensitivity; in the man-machine interface, the tracking mode to switch to "tracking cut".

Fourth, the solid state disconnector burned out, the temperature control table is damaged, the thermocouple is damaged when the temperature table can not control the temperature, the method of repair is to replace the executive electric couples, replace the temperature control table, replace the heating body.

Fifth, the speed is too fast, the inner layer of the package film heat sealability is poor, the temperature is too low when the seal will appear leakage seal or not firm, the method of repair is to slow down the speed, adjust the temperature, replace the film material.

Sixth, the air pressure is not right, the cylinder pendulum is loose, the heating temperature is low, the hot press roller and the transmission roller are not parallel when theheat sealing is not good, the repair method is to adjust the parallelism, adjust the temperature and air pressure to make it fastened.

And it should be noted that the induction air plug must be inserted before the power is passed, and lock the screws; can not use metal loading cover and metal containers, not to mention the metal table to press the start button, otherwise it will damage the machine; work process should often touch the surface of the induction head to check whether overheating, such as found hot should stop heating, to be cooled before working; in the pillow packaging machine body will exist in high voltage, the bottom plate has electricity. Maintenance must be careful to avoid personal danger.


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