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What are DIN Rail Power Supplies Used For?

April 27, 2023

DIN rail power supply has become the norm due to its reliability and efficiency. They play an important role in many fields of study and work, including mechanical engineering, the process industry, logistics, the automobile industry, industrial automation, wind power, and many others.

Mochuan Drive switching power supply is distinguished by their efficiency, small size, long lifespan, and unwavering dependability. Learn more about the advantages of switching power supply options and how to select the optimal unit for your needs by reading the information provided here.

What are DIN Rail Power Supplies?

DIN rail power supplies are switched-mode power converters that take an unregulated input voltage and provide a stable output voltage. Compared to linearly controlled power supplies (transformers), switched-mode power supplies are distinguished by their much higher efficiency, reduced weight, and compact dimensions.

DIN rail power supplies get their moniker from their unique mounting style. The power supply is mounted on the DIN rail; a standardized mounting system often called a top hat rail. The DIN rail is a metal mounting rail with predetermined standard dimensions. The German Standardization Institute (DIN) was the first to establish these measurements. Standardization at the European (EN) and international (IEC) levels confirms the widespread acceptance of this mounting method.

All across the world, the DIN rail can be found in factories and other industrial settings. It is now a standard feature in many devices, including cabinets, distribution boxes, and machinery. This mounting is compatible with various electrical components (power supply, circuit breakers, relays, industrial PCs, etc.).

What Are the Advantages of DIN Rail Supply?

Reducing operation cost

Mochuan Drive's DIN power supply has a novel switch design and premium components, allowing for efficiency above 95%. Reduced no-load losses and overall heat production result from the system's excellent efficiency, which holds even in standby mode and the partial load range. On the one hand, you'll spend less on energy because of this. However, you can save money by decreasing your application's cooling system footprint.

Mochuan Drive DIN rail power supply are designed to achieve maximum efficiency under all load conditions.

Simple operation

Mochuan Drive DIN power supply are simple to set up and commission in a short amount of time. The device is easily installed by mounting it on a DIN rail and then connecting the necessary power and load cables.

The switching power supply may be quickly and easily set up because of connection methods, including spring clamps and push-in terminals that don't require additional hardware. Once installed, the DIN rail power supply can begin functioning immediately.

Compactness of the units

If there is a reduction in the heat produced by the power source, the units can be constructed to take up less space.

As a result, the Mochuan Drive power supply can be installed in limited systems or compact control boxes located on-site. Because of this, the maximum packing density that may be achieved is increased, and the system's total volume can be decreased.

DIN power supply is reliable

The DIN rail power supplies used by Mochuan Drive are convection-cooled. This means that no artificial ways of cooling have been used on the electronics at all. The power supplies are more reliable because they don't use fans. The risk of breakdown and consequent upkeep needs grows with the number of mechanical parts, like a fan.

Mochuan Drive produces its DIN rail power supply using the Cool Design approach to guarantee adequate convection cooling even at peak loads. The electrolytic capacitors and other life-critical components are placed in the coolest parts of the device.

Mochuan Drive DIN rail power supplies have a long lifespan and high reliability thanks to their robust switch design and high-efficiency values. You, the user, benefit from minimal upkeep and reliable operation.

How to Choose DIN Rail Power Supply?

Input and output parameters

This is the most foundational piece of knowledge you need to acquire. Do you need a 1-phase or 3-phase power source? Does it matter if DC voltage is applied to the input of the power supply or not? When it comes to the output, how much voltage and current do you need?Which mode of operation for the power supply do you prefer? The ability to parallel is not standard on all DIN rail power supplies.


The second requirement concerns where the DIN rail power supply will be installed. What are the typical and highest temperatures outside? Note that most power supply have a temperature threshold at which their output must be derated.

Which part of your cupboard keeps things the coldest? This is the proper location for the power supply. Will the application be used in a dirty, noisy, or humid setting? Then, a DIN rail power supply with a conformal finish on the PC boards is something to consider.

Durability and efficiency

The most essential features of any device are its long service life, minimal heat output, and excellent energy efficiency.

Power losses in the form of heat are less noticeable as efficiency increases. The other parts of the system benefit from a DIN rail power supply that maintains a steady temperature even under heavy loads. In addition, high efficiency is crucial for extending the power supply's service life.

Supplementary units

Do you need supplemental hardware to enhance the system's uptime and availability? This can be accomplished in several ways, including using a backup power source or installing a UPS. Buying the power supply and any necessary extras from the same vendor can simplify installation and maintenance. The modules' near-constant synchronization simplifies installation.


Most DIN-rail-mounted industrial power supplies effectively transform unreliable AC input voltage from the wall outlet into safe, regulated DC power. This direct current is then regulated for usage by connected industrial automation parts in testing, assembly, and monitoring. The efficiency, portability, and lightweight construction of switching power supply has become widespread in recent years.

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