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How to Use Switching Power Supply?

May 04, 2023

Are you aware of the industrial switching power supply? Electronic equipment like ICs and microcomputers need a steady supply of direct current with minimal fluctuations. Linear and switching stabilized power supplies are the two main varieties.

Conventional linear power supplies were unable to match the downsizing, weight reduction, and efficiency that switching power supplies were able to achieve. The technology behind power solutions is encapsulated in switching power supply.

How Can I Use Switching Power Supply?

Both alternating (AC) and direct (DC) versions of switching power supply are widely produced and used worldwide. Before utilizing a switching power supply, please ensure that:

● Verify the voltage

● Test for DC or AC

●Find out the voltage tolerance

● Procedure for choosing inputs

Supplying voltage or current outside the allowed range can destroy the power supply. Distortion in the input voltage can affect the power supply's performance, even though the value is within the allowed range. Although there are a few notable exceptions, most switching power supplies that directly correct AC input uses a capacitor input approach in which current is smoothed by passing through a capacitor. Several factors, including output power, power factor, input voltage, and efficiency, all play a role in establishing the amount of current that must be fed into the system.

The input smoothing capacitor charges at peak current when a switching power supply is activated. Inrush current happens anywhere from 10-20 times before normal operating condition is established, dependent on input timing and the presence of an inrush current avoidance circuit.

The inrush current rises when many switching power sources are utilized simultaneously. This is a crucial consideration when picking up power lines, fuses, and switches. A malfunction with the switching power supply could cause the input fuse to blow.

The power factor of switching power supplies that use the capacitor input technique typically ranges from 0.4 to 0.6. However, because a PFC (Power Factor Collection) circuit is used, the power factor of the resonating power supply is close to 1. This indicates that the input current consumption is lower than other switching power supplies.

Mochuan Switching Power Supply

What Are the Benefits of Switching Power Supply?


Do you want a moisture-proof switching power supply? Industrial switching power supply from Mochuan offers the best waterproof switching power supply. All our products are made of aluminium material, ensuring high moisture resistance. Therefore, you should get our aluminum industrial power supply systems to ensure your switching power supply lasts longer.

High-temperature prevention

You need always prevent the temperature from rising while using your switching power supply. Mochuan utilizes unique materials that enhance high-temperature prevention to avoid system breakdown as the industrial switching power supply keeps running.

Mochuan products have a copper-enameled wire that is highly resistant to high temperatures. The bottom box's metal form and the heat-dissipating mesh hole allow for more efficient heat transfer.


Corrosive materials are highly expensive to maintain, right? Mochuan factors all this in production to ensure switching power supply are anti-corrosive and can last longer. Aluminum materials are the best in ensuring your industrial power supply cannot be corroded.

Oil resistance

As a standard practice, conformal coating is applied to the circuit boards of the switching power supply to shield them from humidity and other environmental hazards. This coating protects the circuit board from oil and other liquids that could otherwise harm the components and cause the power supply to fail.

Some switching power supplies are also built with enclosed transformers and other components, sealing them from the environment. This housing can be constructed from oil- and chemical-resistant materials to safeguard the inside components.

Control dust

Mochuan's switching power supply has built-in mechanisms to limit dust formation on its circuit boards and components. Some instances are as follows:

● Fan and air filter

Many switching power supplies are designed with a fan that sucks in fresh air from the surrounding area to remove the heat produced by the components. This fan can also have an air filter attached, collecting dust particles and preventing them from resting on the components.

● Enclosure

The power supply can be built with a hermetically sealed case to keep out dirt and debris. The enclosure can be manufactured from dust-proof materials with a smooth finish to keep dust from settling.

● High pressure

The switching power supply is built with a mechanism that keeps positive pressure inside the container. This indicates that the pressure inside the enclosure is greater than outside, inhibiting dust and other impurities from entering the space.

● Conformal coating

Switching power supplies can have a conformal coating applied to them. This coating shields the circuit board and parts from dust and other pollutants. The coating can be applied to make it more difficult for dust to gather on the surface of the circuit board.

Comparison between Linear Power Supply and Switching Power Supply

The primary AC voltage is changed into the output DC voltage differently in a switching power supply used in industry as opposed to a linear power supply. The AC noise is filtered out of the switching power supply's high-frequency voltage after it is generated by a power transistor and sent through a tiny transformer. However, a linear power supply distributes the main AC voltage through a transformer and then filters out the AC noise to provide a clean DC voltage.

In addition to a wider input voltage range and greater efficiency, switching power supplies are lighter, smaller, and more durable. A linear power supply may be cheaper initially, but it is often less powerful, bulkier, heavier, and less efficient.

The efficiency of a linear power supply is normally approximately 60%, while that of a industrial switching power supply is often 80% or more.

In terms of design evaluation, a linear power supply's inefficiency is a major drawback. An important concern when deciding whether or not to use linear power supplies in your design is the large difference between the input and output voltage caused by the poorer efficiency of such supplies. When evaluating a linear power supply for your design, you should also consider the load and dropout voltages.


Applications of Switching Power Supply

Switching power supplies are widely used in various electronic devices and systems due to their numerous advantages over linear power supplies. One of the most common applications is in computers, where they provide a stable and efficient source of power for all the components, including hard drives, motherboards, graphics cards, and other peripherals.


Switching power supplies are also commonly used in telecommunications equipment such as routers, switches, and hubs. They help ensure reliable connectivity by providing uninterrupted power to these devices.

Another important application of switching power supplies is in industrial automation systems. These systems require precise control of voltage levels and current flow to operate efficiently. Switching power supplies can meet these requirements while also offering high efficiency at low cost.

Medical equipment such as dental drills, ultrasound machines, heart monitors rely heavily on switching mode technology for noise-free performance with enhanced energy efficiency. Moreover solar panels which produce DC electricity use Switching Power Supplies (SPS) to convert this DC into AC that is suitable for home appliances.

Switching mode technology has become an integral part of modern electronics design because it provides higher efficiency with lower heat dissipation allowing miniaturization leading towards energy-efficient yet powerful gadgets that we use every day.



Switching power supplies have revolutionized the way electronic devices are powered. They provide a more efficient, compact, and cost-effective solution compared to traditional linear power supplies. The low energy consumption of the switching transistor in its switching duty is the primary advantage of the switching power supply, which allows it to be more efficient (up to 96%) and produce less heat than linear regulators. Miniaturization and reduced mass due to doing away with bulky, expensive line-frequency transformers are further benefits.

If you want a reliable and efficient source for your electronic device's energy needs without breaking the bank or sacrificing quality performance, switching mode is an excellent choice!  You can get the best industrial switching power supply from Mochuan drives.

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