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Din-Rail Switching Power Supply is a compact and efficient power supply designed to provide efficient and regulated power to various industrial applications. Engineered with advanced technology, this compact power supply ensures a steady flow of electricity, preventing equipment malfunction and downtime. With its convenient DIN rail mounting, it effortlessly integrates into control cabinets and panels, simplifying installation and maintenance processes. Whether in the manufacturing, automation, or telecommunications sector, potential customers will benefit from its robust construction, overload protection, and wide input voltage range. Get the Din-Rail Switching Power Supply today and revolutionize your operations by guaranteeing uninterrupted power supply and maximizing productivity.

The features of MCQR Din-Rail Switching Power Supply

  1. 1) 75-480W, output 5-48V, full categories.

  2. 2) Slim size, assemble on DIN rail TS-35/7.5 or 15.

  3. 3) Cooling by free air convection.

  4. 4) Universal AC input/ full range.

  5. 5) Built-in active PFC function ( 240W/480W)

  6. 6) Offering 36months warranty.

  7. 7) CE/ROHS

The Parameters of MCQR Series of Din-Rail Switching Power Supply

Model No.MCQR075MCQR120MCQR150MCQR240MCQR480
Input Voltage96-246V; 120-370VDC

Input Current1.45A/115VAC, 0.9A/230VAC2.25A/115VAC, 1.3A/230VAC2.6A/115VAC, 1.7A/230VAC2.5A/115VAC; 1.3A/230VAC4.8A/115VAC, 2.4A/230VAC
Output Voltage
Surge Current 20A/115VAC, 35A/230VAC
Overload Protectionconstant current output, recover automatically after the fault condition is removed
constant current output, shut down in 3s, restart to recover
Overvoltage Protectionshut down and recover automatically
Overtemperature Protectionshut down and recover automatically
Safety Standards60950-1, GB4943.1
EMC StandardEN55032(CISPR32) Class B; EN61000-4-2,3,4,5,6,8,11, EN55024
Dielectric StrengthI/P-O/P:3KVAC;  I/P-FG:2KVAC  ; O/P-FG: 0.5KVAC
Operation Temperature-20~+60°C-30~+70°C-20~+60°C-40~+70°C
Dimension( W*H*D)D004/125.2*32*102D005/ 125.2*40*113.5D006/ 125.2*63*113.5D007/ 125.2*85.5*128.3
Weight (kg)0.550.650.651.081.9

The Model Number of MCQR Series Din-Rail Switching Power Supply


MCQR: MochuanDrives Din Rail Switching Power Supply

120: Output power

24: output voltage

F: input voltage/power ( F: 100-240VAC; C: with PFC) 

Model No.OutputTol.R&NEffi.Model No.OutputTol.R&N Effi.
MCQR075-12F6.3A 12V ±2%80mV83%MCQR120-12F10A 12V±2%100mV84%
MCQR075-24F3.2A 24V±1%120mV86%MCQR120-24F5A 24V±1%120mV87%
MCQR075-48F1.6A 48V±1%150mV87%MCQR120-48F2.5A 48V±1%150mV88%
Model No.Output Tol.R&NEffi.Model No.Output Tol.R&NEffi.
MCQR150-24F6.5A 24V±1%150mV87%MCQR240-12C14A 12V±2%120mV85%
MCQR150-48F3.2A 48V±1%150mV88%MCQR240-24C10A 24V±1%150mV87%

MCQR240-48C5A 48V±1%150mV89%

Model No.Output Tol.R&NEffi.

MCQR480-24F20A 24V±1%150mV90%

MCQR480-48F10A 48V±1%150mV90%

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