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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.


HMI Panel and PLC Controller: An Ideal Solution for Filling Production Line

June 28, 2023

In today's fast-paced production environment, efficiency and accuracy are crucial for success. That's where HMI panels and PLC controllers come into play. HMI panels, or Human Machine Interface panels, allow operators to interact with machines and systems in a user-friendly way, while PLC controllers, or Programmable Logic Controllers, control the automation process to ensure that everything runs smoothly.

Together, they form an ideal solution for filling production lines. With their advanced technology and intuitive interface, HMI panels and PLC controllers can increase efficiency, reduce errors, and ultimately help businesses achieve their production goals.

Where to Purchase Highly Efficient HMI Panel and PLC Controller?

If you want to purchase highly efficient HMI panels and PLC controllers for your filling production line, look no further than Mochuan! Mochuan offers a range of advanced and reliable automation solutions to meet the needs of any business. Their HMI panels and PLC controllers are designed to increase efficiency and improve overall productivity. 

With a user-friendly interface and cutting-edge technology, Mochuan's HMI panels and PLC controllers are the ideal choice for any production line. Plus, with our commitment to customer satisfaction and competitive pricing, you can trust Mochuan to provide the best value for your investment.

Mochucan HMI Panel

Why Choose Wuxi Mochuan Drives’s HMI panels and PLC controllers?

When it comes to automation solutions for your production line, it's essential to choose a reliable and reputable provider. Mochuan stands out from the competition with their advanced HMI panels, HMI touch screen and PLC controllers that offer unparalleled efficiency and accuracy.

Here are some reasons why you should choose Mochuan's HMI panels and PLC controllers for your production line:

Clear Display

Clearness, high brightness, full angle of view, 7 inches support 1024*600 resolution, the maximum viewing angle of 170°, for customers to bring better sensory experience. The HMI panel's high-resolution display ensures that users can view the production process and interact with the system with ease.

Fast and Responsive Performance

A8 processor, high speed and smooth. Screen adopts multi-point capacitive touch screen, sensitive touch, anti-scratch, no drift. The use of an A8 processor and a multi-point capacitive touch screen ensures the HMI panel is fast and responsive to user input. The anti-scratch and no-drift features ensure the longevity of the product.

Gesture Magic

The software supports various gesture operations. 24BIT true color LCD display. The HMI panel's software enables users to operate the system using various gestures, increasing ease of use. The 24BIT true color LCD display ensures a high-quality visual experience for users.

Ultra-Short Scanning Cycle

The operation speed of instructions is up to 0.02 microseconds, the minimum timing unit that can be set for all timers is 1ms, the minimum frequency of system interrupt can be set is 1ms, and the scanning cycle of 15K steps, including complex programs with synchronous motion is only 0.7ms. The PLC controller's ultra-short scanning cycle ensures high-speed and precise operation of the production line.

Advanced Motion Control

Industry-leading motion control capabilities for operating speeds of up to 12 axes support linear, circular arc, electronic CAM, and gear synchronization. The PLC controller's advanced motion control capabilities allow for precise production line operation, including support for various axis configurations and synchronization methods.

Military Quality

The machine has excellent EMC characteristics, strong anti-interference, stable operation, and enhanced I/O load capacity, and self-protection ability. The PLC controller's military-grade design ensures high reliability and robustness in operation, even in harsh environments.

Easy Configuration and Monitoring

The content of the touch screen interface is clearly displayed, and the device operator can set parameters and edit the interface directly and quickly. The system interface is divided into automatic operation screen, manual debugging screen, mechanical parameter setting interface, PLC operation monitoring interface, formula editing interface, alarm display interface, work record table, etc.

The HMI panel's and HMI touch screen’s user interface provides a clear and intuitive way for operators to interact with the system, allowing for easy configuration and monitoring of the production line.

The Mochuan's HMI panels, HMI touch screen, and PLC controllers offer a range of advanced features, innovative design, and user-friendly interfaces that make them the ideal choice for any production line. Choose Mochuan for reliable and efficient automation solutions that will help your business thrive.

Perks of Using Mochuan Drives's HMI Panels and PLC Controllers for Your Filling Production Line

Looking for a reliable and efficient way to manage your filling production line? Look no further than Mochuan Drives's HMI panels, HMI touch screen and PLC controllers. With advanced features like high-resolution displays, ultra-short scanning cycles, and industry-leading motion control capabilities, Mochuan Drives's products offer a range of benefits for manufacturers seeking to optimize their production processes.

Here are some of the many perks you'll receive using Mochuan Drives’s products!

Improved Anti-Interference Ability with RS485 Communication

Wuxi Mochuan Drives's HMI panels and PLC controllers use RS485 communication, which increases the system's anti-interference ability, ensuring stable and reliable communication between the devices.

Simplified Programming with MCbus Communication Protocol Networking

The MCbus communication protocol networking between Mochuan Drives PLC controllers is simple and easy to operate, reducing the workload of programmers, and enabling quick and efficient programming.

Automatic Speed Matching System for Efficient Production

The HMI panels and PLC controllers come with a built-in one-key speed matching system, which automatically calculates the bottle sorting speed and labeling speed according to the host machine's speed, allowing for efficient and streamlined production.

Fast Response with Encoder Installation

Wuxi Mochuan Drives' HMI panels and PLC controllers provide a fast response with encoder installation on the outside of the roller of the labeling machine's host machine. The encoder sends pulses to the servo drive on both sides, enabling fast and accurate position following even at high speeds.

Accurate Positioning and Stable Production with Unique Internal Algorithm

Mochuan Drives's PLC controllers use a unique internal algorithm that leverages the PLC's own following instructions, allowing for accurate positioning and stable production even in complex production environments.

By reading about these benefits, you might have acknowledged how efficient and robust Wuxi Mochuan Drives' technology is.


Wuxi Mochuan Drives's HMI panels, HMI touch screen, and PLC controllers are the ideal solutions for your filling production line. With their advanced features, including multi-screen control, anti-interference communication, and unique algorithms, they ensure precise and stable production. Additionally, the one-key speed matching system and encoder installation make them highly efficient and responsive to your production needs. Upgrade your filling production line with  Mochuan Drives's HMI panels and PLC controllers for optimal performance and quality.

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