Mochuan Drives - Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

human machine interface devices at Wholesale Prices | MOCHUAN
  • human machine interface devices at Wholesale Prices | MOCHUAN

human machine interface devices at Wholesale Prices | MOCHUAN

Wuxi Mochuan Drives Technology Co.,Ltd has a professional human machine interface devices design team, experienced logistics experts, advanced production equipment.
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  • Over the years, MOCHUAN has been offering customers high-quality products and efficient after-sales services with the aim of bringing unlimited benefits for them. human machine interface devices We promise that we provide every customer with high-quality products including human machine interface devices and comprehensive services. If you want to know more details, we are glad to tell you.Thorough defect detection greatly guarantees the product quality.

    Product Introduction

    The HMI panel, or Human Machine Interface panel provides a multitude of advantages that significantly enhance the efficiency and productivity of various industrial processes. With its user-friendly interface and intuitive design, the HMI panel allows operators to effortlessly interact with complex machinery and systems, minimizing human errors. This advanced technology empowers users to monitor critical parameters in real-time, ensuring prompt detection and resolution of any potential issues. 

    The HMI panel enables seamless integration between different automated components within a system, promoting streamlined communication and coherent operation. Its customizable features permit operators to personalize displays based on their specific requirements, enabling swift decision-making during time-critical situations. Additionally, the HMI panels offer valuable data visualization capabilities through graphs, charts, and trends analysis tools which facilitate efficient monitoring of performance metrics for process optimization purposes. Furthermore, remote access options allow authorized personnel to remotely monitor operations from anywhere at any time while maintaining stringent security measures. The robustness and durability of the HMI Touch Display make them suitable for use in harsh industrial environments where they can withstand extreme temperatures as well as dust and moisture exposure without compromising functionality. 

    MC-H043S Parameter/ 4.3'' Resistive HMI Touch Display

    Model4.3Inch MC-H043S Plastic Enconomic Resistive HMI Touch Display
    Touch Screen Type4wire resistive touch screen 


    LCD Visual Angle80'/80'/80'/80'
    Screen Size4.3inch  16:9 tft lcd screen
    Colors16 bits
    Brightness250cd/m2, Max adjust 275cd/m2
    BackLife50000 Hours


    Flash/ARM128MHz+ 128MB Flash
    SD CardN/A


    Serial PortCOM1:RS232/RS485/RS422;  COM3:RS232
    Download ProjectUSB Disk/ USB Device


    Power SupplyDC24V, Working Range: DC9V~DC28V
    Rated Power<2.5W
    Power ProtectionProtected From Thunder Strike And Surging
    Power Down<5mS
    Operating Humidity10~90% RH( No Condensation)
    Vibration Endurance10~25HZ (X,Y,Z 2G/30Min)


    Shell MaterialEngineering Plastic
    Dimension(mm)138mm x 86mm x 32mm
    Panel Cutout(mm)132mm x 80mm


    ProtectionFront IP65( with NEMA panel), Back IP20
    Temperature Operate0°C~50°C
    Temperature Storage-20°C~60°C

    The others

    Communication ProtocolStandard Modbus( RTU, TCP/IP)
    Programming SoftwareFree Mochuanstudio
    Deserve To Know
    / Service from Mochuan hmi panel manufacturers

    1. 1. NO MOQ, 1pcs is OK.

    2. 2. 7days refund in case of bad quality; 36months warranty.

    3. 3. Offering the translation project file service, if wanna switch the other brand HMI to be Mochuan's.

    4. 4. It can prepare the models for customer urgent order, to shorten the delivery time, just one wrods, if you work with us.

    5. 5. Offering demo, description file, remote help etc, any you like the way, to solve the technical problem through one-to-one online service.

    MC-H043S 4.3 Inch HMI Panel Clearness, High Brightness, Transparen

    Mochuan 4.3 inch  Industrial HMI Panel MC-H043S, Light and thin, the LED backlight uses light-emitting diodes as the backlight light source, and does not require lamps, so the thickness of the light guide plate is greatly reduced, and the thickness of the entire group of backlight plates can be reduced by about half. The power consumption is reduced, and the LED itself has high luminous efficiency. In general, it can save about 40% of the power consumption of the display screen. Under the same power condition, it directly improves the battery life.

    More Features
    / 4.3'' MC-H043S HMI

    Full View HD, High Brightness
    4.3inch MC-H043S adpots high-definition, high-brightness display LCD, 7-inch support 1024x600 resolution, the maximum viewing angle of 170°,to bring customers a better sensory experience. The liquid crystal viewing angle is 80'/80'/80'/80' to bring a good visual experience to user.

    Mochuan HMI Supporting Animation Formats
    Mochuan HMI support to output BMP, PNG, JPG and GIF animation leading and playing..etc various format. ARM9 600MHz process, high speed and easy folw. 16bits colors, IPS TFT LCD, high quality image showing, true color.
    Strong Environmental Adaptability
    HMI adopts industrial-grade high quality components, high protection level level design and comprehensive three-proof coating, no matter it is a wet underground mine, high temperature gobi or factory environment with corrosive gas, oil mist or dust, it can easily cope with its ease, to various harsh environment.
    Strong Anti-Interference
    The design has fully considered the complex electromagnetic compatibility environment of industrial sites, in line with IEC standards, while the wide voltage input design, power fluctuations can still be used safely. 2 serial port support rs485, rs232 and rs422.
    MC-H043S Ports Description
    / 4.3'' MC-H043S HMI 


    1. Is the HMI software free or to charge?

    Mochuan HMI Software Mochuanstudio is free for the user.  You can take from"download-software" if you need.

    2. What is guarantee do you offer?

    7days refund in case any bad quality; And 36months warranty.

    3. What technical support do you offer?

    Offering demo, pdf description file, video and technical supporting one-to-one online, through creating only online group for you, to fast solve the technical, if you work with us.

    4. Is there any suggestion on selecting model of HMI?

    Yes, it is good to take two minutes to read this article"how to select a suitable and high advantage competitive model hmi for the project", trusting it will be some helpful on selecting hmi model and type.

    5. Is there any service, if swtich another brand hmi to be Mochuan's?

    Yes, Providing translation engineering file services, if you wanna switch to be Mochuan HMI.

    6. Is there any certificate of HMI?

    Yes, Mochuan HMI support CE and RoHs.

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