Mochuan Drives - Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

HMI Tutorial

Welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, this video mainly talks about the use of some of the indicators. Indicators include bit indicators and word indicators, which are two of the more commonly used, as well as a number of combination indicators and automatic cycle indicators. Here are four examples of how to use these four indicators. The first one shows green when the motor starts and red when it stops. There are a total of two states on this side, which we will borrow from the bit indicator position. The second, there are a total of three states of the device, which are shown as off, on and fault, the three states use the word address, we use the word indicator. The third, there are two switches, put two switches are ON when the display is red, other cases show green, this time use a number of combination of indicators. The fourth, in the screen cycle a few pictures, here is not associated with the address, the use of the automatic cycle indicator. See below for specific examples. The first one is to show green when the motor starts, and red when it is quite worthwhile, using a bit indicator to achieve this, first tap on the component, select the bit indicator, click on the bit status indicator, open the property page of the indicator, the address of the register address is LB0, click on the small keyboard behind, you can modify the address, there are two states, 0 is OFF, 1 is ON, click on the negative logic behind, the ON and OFF The state will be swapped, we take positive logic as an example, the flashing mode is none by default, you can click to select, here we take the flashing picture as an example, the label can enter the text displayed above the indicator, the graphics side is the graphics used in the project, you can find the selection, click the one you want to use, then click OK. The following one has three states, which show "off", "on" and "fault" respectively, here the word indicator is used to achieve this, or click on the component, indicator, and select the word state indicator, the default address is LW0, can also be modified through the small keyboard behind, the number of states is two by default, here modified to three, the default conditions are 0, 1 and 2, we can modify according to their needs, can then be modified on the right; label 0 state is shut down (shut on), 1 is on (turn on), 2 is fault (failures), the default is used for images, here you can leave out the graphics and click OK. Let's look at the third one, there are two switches, when both switches are ON, the display is red, other cases show green, the same steps as before, click on the component, indicator, select the bit status indicator, here tick more for the combination, the default address is LB0, we take LB1 as an example, the default number of bits is two, that is, the combination of the status of LB1 and LB2 to display, LB1 and LB2 state has 00, 01, 10 and 11, if the two are used ON, the multi-bit combination value is 11, replaced by 16-bit unsigned, that is, 3, read the value = 3, the state is changed to two, this is not equal to 3, graphics with the default can be. The fourth is to cycle through several pictures on the screen, or click on the component, indicator, bit status indicator, display mode select auto-cycle, how long the picture display, that is, the frequency, you can freely choose, here to 10 as an example, the number of states changed to 3, graphics can be imported from external, you can also use the library, this side of a good simulation of the conditions, you can carry out offline simulation of these several indicators Click on the offline simulation and the indicator will be finished here.

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