Mochuan Drives - Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.


How do quickly operate the Mochuanstuido of Mochuan HMI panel

At first, open Mochuan webiste to download and install HMI software from " Info center- download- software". There are two version, one is for window 7 system computer, the other is for Window XP computer, to select and install per the computer. Once installed, a Mochuanstuido 2 shortcut will be generated on the desktop. 

Second, double click the shortcut, to open the Mochuanstudio and use the software, click "file" to create a "new project", then enter the project name, click confirm. then to select the HMI model, here take M007 as an example, select the model and click confirm. After the project is loaded, click the " HMI setting" under the project directory on the left to view the address, gateway and other information of HMI.

Third, the next, we need to configure the communication between HMI and plc. If it is a serial port connection, to select the COM port under local connection, there are two options to select, one is HMI as master or slave. Here take HMI as master an example and select the manufacturer to connect the device. Take Mochuan plc as an example. The manufacturer select MOCHUAN, selects the MOCHUAN PLC model, and then looks at the following settings, the preset station number referes to the station number of the PLC device you are connected, and the main station number is the station number of the HMI, generally 1 is directly defaulted here, and no changes are required. The following communication settings, including communication type, baud rate, data bit, stop bit, perity bit, these parameters set consistent with the plc. If inconsistencies can lead to communication errors or communication timeouts. There are three types of communication types: rs232, rs485-2, rs485-4. The rs485-4 means rs422. To select according to the requirement. then to click" ok" after the setting is completed.

If the plc is connected with the ethernet, then need to add the device to the network plc, click" add", and the manufacturer still choose by the brand of the plc. Let us take the ABB as an example, and the default station number can still be used with the default 1. THe IP address of nextwork PLC is the IP address of the PLC. Selecting the default for the port number is ok. Then click confirm.

Finally, one point worth noting in the network communication, the IP address of plc should be in the same in network segment as the HMI address. Click HMI settings to change the touchscreen IP address and gateway IP address. Click confirm. After setting the communication parameters, next come to configuration screen of hmi, in the component to select per requirement, Here select bit setting element, and the address can choose the local address of HMI, also can choose the address of plc. If selecting the plc address, the address here is same with address in the PLC. The operation of other devices is same. 

Assuming that the editing of the project has been completed, to cleck" save" then click" compile". If there is an error during the compilation process, here it will show where is error occurred. Directly double click the error point and directly go to amend the screen. Directly download after successful compilation. There are two option to download, one is usb, the other is ethernet, to choose per the requirement. 

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