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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.


Toggle switches and menus

Welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, where we talk about toggle switches and menu selection. This section focuses on toggle switches. The first is a bit toggle, which is used to set the action of the bit address switch, but also to display text. The operation method is to click on the component to select the toggle switch and menu, click on the bit switch, open the property page, the type is bit switch, set the address, address settings need to be consistent with the address of the PLC or touch screen, here assuming that the LB10, the default read and write address is the same, we can also check the read and write address is different, then read the address and write the address is different, this we choose the read and write address Same. Click on the property page of the toggle switch, the actions are pressed and popped up, and the switch types include on, off, reverse and reset. Here we take the inverse as an example, the default text on the switch is to use the label, look at the index here, it is two states, 0 and 1, click on 0, look at the corresponding text that has been entered, enter "close", click on 1, enter "open"; We can also set the Chinese corresponding label, here in English for example, in addition to the use of labels, you can also use the text library, check the use of text library, click the text library button, you can import the corresponding text from the text library, here in the label for example, we look at the walking light, check the walking light, the text will be set in the step and pixel speed in accordance with the direction of movement, the direction of movement including the drop-down inside the four, this side can set the text font, size and colour, alignment, etc.; image options have graphics that will be used in the project, we select the indicator, it has three states; dynamic graphics, for example, we check use dynamic graphics, check control position, you need to specify an address, check control position, then it will change the position of the component by the size of the LW0 and LW1 values. We cancel the use of dynamic graphics; control settings, look at the enable settings, the default is always valid, if you check the conditional enable, then only when the conditions are met can the button be operated, also includes the level, permission and logic control, when the conditions do not match, you can make it display invalid markers, or let the components hide, etc., we take always valid as an example, look at the security settings, this side can set the minimum press When we press the button for less than the set time, the button will not execute the action, it can avoid the switch misoperation caused by the miscontrol screen; if the check box is confirmed before operation, a pop-up window will appear when the button is operated, prompting whether to confirm the execution, which can also avoid misoperation; check the record operator operation, when the button is operated, the operation content will be displayed in the operation log; let's look at the notification settings, it is divided into before writing and after writing The default is always communicate, but you can also check the condition control, only after meeting the specific conditions will it participate in communication, here take always communicate as an example; display settings, the default component is always displayed, if the condition is checked, only after meeting the specific identified conditions will the component be displayed, here take always effective as an example. Click OK to finish adding the toggle switch. The second is the word switch, it is used to switch the word address state of the action, you can also display the text, operation and bit operation is basically the same, the difference has in the word switch in the property page of the toggle switch, the number of states can be modified to their own definition, the number of states to 2, in this change of the corresponding value out can modify the value, you can also add the label content, 0 label content fill in the state 1, 1 bit state 2, if the check box is not loop, when the state reaches the maximum, the button does not perform any operation, we default to a loop, this side is 2 states, graphics need to select the one with 2 states, click OK. The following offline simulation, bit toggle now shows off, the colour is red, click on it, the colour changes to green, the reality of the text is open, you can see that the reality of the text shows the form of a walking light in moving; look at the word toggle, the current position of the word toggle is 0, we set the 10, 1,,, operate the button, state 1 becomes 10, click on it, state 2 value is 1, click again once, change to state 1, this is the effect of the cycle. The switch is explained here, thank you for using it.

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