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The industrial Resistive HMI panel and industrial multi-touch capacitive HMI panel, what is different? Who is better?

The industrial Resistive HMI panel and industrial multi-touch capacitive HMI panel, what is different? Who is better?
The Industrial Resistive HMI and Multi Touch Capcititive HMI Panel, What Is Different And Better?

Before industrial multi-touch capacitive HMI panel were available, that is, before 2010, resistive touch screens were then the most used sensing screens, also called: pressure-sensitive or analog resistive film touch panels. At that time this touch technology was widely used, and now resistive touch screens are still in use in the industrial sector. From a technical point of view, capacitive screen technology was applied later than resistive screens. Capacitive screen technology is relatively more high-end. Popular speaking, capacitive screens are more expensive than resistive screens. So this is the first difference between them. So what is the difference between them, let's find out here.


Industrial Resistive HMI Panel

The resistive touch screen, commonly known as "soft screen", the structure is divided into three layers, the inner layer is glass, the outer layer is a thin film, in the film and glass adjacent to the side are coated with ITO (Indium Tin Metal Oxide). Resistive screens can be divided into four-wire, five-wire, seven-wire or eight-wire touch screen, the difference between these categories of classification is the difference in the bias voltage that produces the screen. The application of resistive touch screens in touch all-in-one machines, due to its one-point touch technology principle, makes it more accurate in machine touch. At the same time, in the pixel configuration, it can support HDMI 4K video transcoding, the display effect is more high-definition.

Working principle: In simple terms, the resistive screen is actually also a sensor. Resistive screen operation, when the film and glass two layers collide with each other, the current will have an impact, the chip according to calculate the data between the force and current, assess the screen that a position under pressure, to respond. Because the resistive screen is force touch, so this principle leads to the resistive screen can only a little touch, it is difficult to achieve multi-touch. This principle also makes the resistive screen is mostly used in dusty, temperature differences, the need to wear gloves to operate the harsh industrial use scenarios.

Industrial Capacitive HMI Panel: 

full name capacitive touch screen, commonly known as "hard screen", is a four-layer composite glass screen, the first layer is ITO, to ensure the working environment, the second layer is glass, the third layer is also ITO coating, to do work surface use; the fourth layer is a protective layer of silica glass. As many people know, the main feature of capacitive touch screen is that it can achieve multi-touch.

Working principle: capacitive screen is actually the use of human body current induction work, can be understood as the need to touch the medium with bioelectricity to touch. In other words, the capacitive screen is the use of the lower layer to transmit signals to the upper layer, when the upper layer is contacted by the conductor, the lower layer will be able to quickly receive messages and make calculations. Determine the location of finger contact and respond. Because of this, capacitive screens can not only support multi-point, but also greatly enhance the sensitivity of the hand when touch. Therefore, capacitive screens are mostly used in normal industrial application scenarios without special needs.

Finally, in summary, in the selection of suitable industrial LCD and industrial touch screen, need to be based on the product application environment, the application population and the product market decision. Usually through the cost, accuracy, damage resistance, environmental adaptability and other aspects to determine the choice between capacitive touch screen and resistive touch screen.

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