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Mochuan band Sorting Electric Drum Motor Customized φ50 Narrow for logistics industry

Mochuan band Sorting Electric Drum Motor Customized φ50 Narrow for logistics industry
Mochuan Direct drive drum motor for Logistics Industry
Mochuan direct drive drum motor support φ50 and φ67 with Narrow band sorting, ring line sorting for logistic industry. Sure, if you have the other special requirement on dimension or function, welcome customized. With NO MOQ. If you are interested, welcome to test sample quality at first. Becuase this direct drive drum motor have been suceesed customzied and run in the market.

Electric Drum Motor Summary
This page focuses on the application of drum motors in the logistics industry. It was developed in response to the requirements of today's industry to be more low carbon, energy efficient, environmentally friendly and intelligent. Using an advanced high NdFeB permanent magnet synchronous motor as the power source, it overcomes the shortcomings of conventional three-phase and single-phase AC drum motors such as low efficiency, low power, narrow speed range and high temperature rise by utilizing the advantages of high speed, high torque, high responsiveness, low noise, maintenance-free and 300% of the rated torque for starting torque of the permanent magnet drum motor. Greatly increase the flexibility of the conveyor design, as well as and the external electric control of the connection function, so that the drum motor in the logistics equipment industry has a new breakthrough, reduce the cost of the industry, to win a large number of market use.
Working Principle

Drum motor is a kind of driving device that combines electric motor and reducer to the inside of the drum body. The power has the motor transferring to the drum body through the reducer mechanism, thus driving the conveyor belt to rotate.

Application Range
Logistics conveying line, cross sorter, express sorter, postal sorter, conveyor roller sorter, sorting line, security checker, food machinery, new energy production line, pharmaceutical conveying equipment, airport baggage sorting system, express sorting conveyor, supermarket checkout counter.

 What are the advantages of Drum Motors compared to traditional motors

1) Installation: The installation of a point roller is very simple and fast. The time required to install a drum motor is 3/4 compared to traditional installation.

2) The installation of a traditional male motor requires the installation of sprockets, rollers, fixed plates and other components. The traditional motor installation process and commissioning process are very tedious.

3) Durability: Because the drum motor is fully sealed, it can maintain good operating efficiency in an environment filled with water, gravel, chemicals, grease, etc.

4) Traditional motors, on the other hand, have high requirements for the operating environment and cannot work properly in unfavorable environments. For example, in the working environment of debris, the traditional motor is easy to inhale debris, thus damaging the motor.

5) Design hygiene: The pointing roller is made of glossy stainless steel and fully enclosed design, which reduces the risk of contamination during food processing. The exposed mechanical structure and lubricating oil of the traditional motor cannot be used in the food processing industry.

6) High output: Pointing roller transmission efficiency can be as high as 97%.

Drive motor is about only 75% of mechanical efficiency transmission to the belt.

7) space saving and safety: Drum motor, gear box and connecting shaft are installed in the outer tube of the drum, hardly occupying the external space of the conveyor belt, and no rotating parts are exposed, safe and reliable.

Traditional motors, gearboxes, sprockets, chains and mounting plates are mounted on the outside of the belt, taking up more space and making the drive chain less safe for foreign objects.

 8) Maintenance-free: The sealed design of the drum motor ensures that the internal parts are not affected by external conditions, ensuring trouble-free conveying.

Traditional motors require regular maintenance of drive sprockets and chains, otherwise they will not work properly.

How do choose the right Drum Motor 

The power of the drum is calculated based on the length, load and line speed of the drum line and belt line.

Drum motor can be divided into φ50 drum motor, φ60 drum motor, φ67 drum motor, φ82 drum motor, φ113 drum motor, φ138 drum motor, φ165 drum motor, and φ216 drum motor according to the diameter of the drum. Sure, if you have different special function or the other wanna customized, also support it.

Parameter Technical Data 
/ φ50 Narrow Belt Drum Motor


Φ50 Direct Drum Motor Narrowband Sorting

Parameter Description



Driver Supply Voltage UDCV48
Number of Pole Pairs
Rated Speed Nnrpm764
Number of phase winding
Max Torque TnNm4
No Load Current To
Instantaneous Maximum CurrentArms32.00
Linear Back Potential Coefficient KnVrms/krpmSupporting customized ±10%
Torque Coefficient KrN/m/Arms
DC line Resistance RI



The line Inductance LI


Insulation Grade
Position Feedback Device
Working System
short time

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