Mochuan Drives - Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.



Hello, welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, we talk about timers. Timer function is required to periodically perform or specific conditions set out to perform tasks, timers are also divided into two types, one is the basic window timer, it is only executed when the basic window is open, the other is the public window timer, added here the timer can be executed in all windows and the basic window open; timer open method also has two, one is to click on the components - Timer (the fifth - the first) - select Timer, the second method is to click in the window blank, you can open the window properties page here select timer (timer), click the add button, open the timer properties page, here there are at the trigger and stop and timer function. Trigger conditions include bit state change, word value change, condition judgement, trigger when the window is opened, trigger when the window is closed, there are also several end conditions, the timer stops when the window is closed, the second is to stop when the specified number of times is reached, the number of repetitions can be changed here, the third is to carry out the condition judgement, there is a timer execution period, the default is 0.1S, that is, 0.1s execution once. If you do not check the delay, the timer will be executed when the conditions are met, if you check the box, you need to delay a cycle in the execution, we then look at the timer function, the first is the implementation of macro instructions, check the box, this side because there is no macro code, we need to create a new one, click on the macro code, select the new point OK, complete the new macro code, this side is the implementation of macro instructions when the conditions are met, the following is the state settings, you can The following is the status setting, you can set the bit and word, the bit setting method is set ON set OFF and take the inverse, the word setting method can be set plus, minus, constant, we will take LW0 1S plus once as an example, cancel the execution of the macro instruction, check the start cycle, that is to say, LW0 plus to 100 from the lower limit online plus, click OK, we can simulate offline, look at the effect, you can see the value of LW0 1S Plus once, the timer explanation ends here, thank you for watching.

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