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Alarm and event registration

Hello, welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, today we will talk about alarm and event registration. Alarm and event registration is to add the alarm content you want to record in the alarm event, after adding, you will use the alarm event display element to display these alarms and do some saving, first of all, the alarm and event registration can be opened by clicking on the alarm event in the project directory on the left, or you can set the alarm event in the setup system above to open. We can click on. New at the bottom left to add an alarm, we already have several previously added here, again you can add them again, suppose you add a LB3 for OFF #3 alarm (alarm #3), the content of this alarm can also be set in a text library way, you can also not use the text library since the manual input, sound here you can check the trigger buzzer, the default is a buzzer timeout of ten seconds. That is, the buzzer will sound for ten seconds after the alarm is triggered and then stop, if you want it to keep sounding, remove the description of the timeout, the alarm will trigger the buzzer alarm when it is generated, and the buzzer will stop when it is restored, if it is some special signal screen, you can call the external sound library and use the following sounds, the action is also to trigger some functions when the alarm is triggered, when it is confirmed or when it is restored The following print information to the printer is to connect to the printer, mail notification can be used inside the way of mail alarm, that is, when there is an alarm to send mail to the user, click OK after setting. If you have selected an alarm, you can click on the modify button, after checking the box you can also copy or delete the alarm, or import and export the alarm, we click on copy and an identical alarm will appear, we can change this to LB4, alarm number 4, if you want to add a large amount of alarms, you can use the import and export method, there are two ways to import and export, one is an xls file, the other is a cfg file. Excel files can be opened and edited by WPS or excel tables, cfg files do not support editing, so it is recommended to select the excel file and then select all the alarms that you want to export and click export. As a file is generated, we open the file directly. You can see here that eight alarms have been added, the content of the alarm, the level of the alarm and the address, if it is triggered by multiple conditions, you can also add the trigger conditions 23, sound tones and other languages, action functions inside some of the content, according to their needs to set, assuming that we want to set an alarm No. 5 that is, when LB5 = 1, but also when LB5 is equal to ON when to trigger the alarm, first change the number in front, then the content of the alarm is No. 5 alarm, the address is LB5, the condition is ON, and then add a word address alarm, is that I want to add a number three temperature is too high, and then has been w2>200, I change here lw2>200, click Save after adding, and then close the file. Open our software inside, then click on import, click on the file that has just been modified, click on open, delete the existing alarm registration, select yes, you can just import all our alarm records to overwrite the previous alarm, import 10 successful, you can see that just added alarm LB5 for ON, and LW2 >200 temperature too high have been imported, and the previous The default is not to save events, you can save 1000, but not to save is to reboot, the previous alarm records will be lost, so you can generally save it in the screen or SD card or U disk, save to the screen inside the default maximum entries is also 1000, there is a space below, delete the first 10% of the data, that is, when the touch screen is detected The maximum storage limit can also be set by grouping or individually, and when the remaining space is less than a certain bit address can be set to 1 to notify the touch screen that the memory is insufficient and that the alarm records need to be deleted, and the clear history register can be set to 1 by a button component to clear all previously saved alarm records. The event statistics can be placed after the current event, i.e. how many times the current alarm has occurred, report the accumulated event technology, i.e. how many times it has occurred in total, clear the accumulated event is to empty the record, the current alarm status is to show what the current alarm status is, and we can count individual events, which can be set according to your actual needs, printing You can enable the automatic printing of events, you need to connect a micro printer, when the automatic printing of events is enabled, when there is an alarm generated, it will automatically be printed out on the printer, about the event record later in the video will give you a detailed explanation, here as long as the first approximate understanding of this function can be, all set up, we directly click OK. Then all our alarm events have been added, after adding we need to use the alarm event display element to display these alarms, this will be introduced to you later in the content. That's it for today's explanation of logging in alarms and events, thank you for watching.

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