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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

HMI Tutorial

User permissions

Hello, welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, we will talk about the use of user rights. First of all, let's talk about the setting of user rights, click on the project on the left, open the project window, find the system settings - user rights, will open the user rights window, by default there is an administrator, logout time of ten minutes, that is, after ten minutes out of the login, we can add a user rights, add button, will pop up the user rights setting interface, user name The user name can be modified, logout time can also be modified, suppose it is changed to five minutes, we need to check the user rights again, the password can also be modified (123456), click, OK you can see a new addition, click OK, complete the new user rights. The second is the user rights login, we can open the user rights access window 29002, and 29014. the difference between these two windows, one is the user name, 29014 can not manually enter the user name, 29002 user name need to manually enter their own. This side is a pop-up window, we need to call this window, switch components to select the window operation, here we need to use the pop-up window, window number 29014, labeled Login (Login), and then click OK, we then look at the following a user rights logout, this side is a system register, you can build a button, components - switch -Click on the system registers, click on the system registers window, click on user rights related, you can see SRB31, set 1 is the logout operation, select it, you can see that the address here has become SRB 31, that is, the execution settings, we can select on here, the label is enter cancellation ( Click OK. User permissions are used in conjunction with the control settings for switch-value input. Open the property page of the switch, set the execution setting to Invert, the default address is LB0, tick the Use indicator, the same as the switch address, tab Enter close and open, then look at the control settings, the default is always active, change it, tick the condition Enable, click on Permission Control, here you can tick Permission 1, then click OK, we then create a value input element, Control Settings, click on Condition Valid, tick Permission Control, select Administrator Permissions, click OK; the current login username, there is a system register here, you can use the Character Display element to achieve this, click on Value and Character Display - Click on the character display, click on the system register at the back, open the system register window, click on the user rights related, you can see the current login username, it has 16 characters, then click on the selection, see the character setting, set the length of the user login name, assume the setting 8, click OK. The following talk about user rights management, it includes browse, add, delete users and modify the password, this window is already done, call on it. Click on the window for 29001 user rights browsing, there are add, delete and change password, to create a window operation component, click on the component - switch - window operation component, switch window, select 29001 and click OK, label input user management (user management), click OK. The following we to offline simulation, open the simulator, we first look at the switch, it prompts the user permissions do not match, this we then set is permission 1 to operate, is the user2 has this permission, we first login, login user2, password is 123456, we then operate, you can see has been able to operate, that we this value input components, is administrator privileges to operate, you need to log in administrator privileges, that now need to log out user2 login, click log out, log in administrator, and then enter a little, the following point user management, directly open the user privileges browser window, this side can add, delete modify the password, that we first add a user privileges, (operation process: enter the user name, password, confirm the password, permission settings) We can also delete user rights, delete the new rights just created; the following talk about changing the password, change the password only the currently logged in user can change its own password, we click on change password, enter the user name, the original password, the new password, confirm the password, click OK, you can see the password change successfully, we can close to log back in, close is logged out, log back in, you can first use the original password test, prompting the password input error, then try again with the new password, login successfully. You can see that the password change successfully, user rights here to finish, thank you for watching.

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