Mochuan Drives - Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

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Multilingual engineering

Hello and welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, where we talk about multilingual engineering. A multilingual project is one in which multiple languages can be displayed on the touch screen and can be switched freely. We have divided the project into the following steps: step one, set the language, step two, add a text library, step three, call the text library, step four, switch the language, or of course, do not use the text library, we will explain one by one. The first step is to find the language settings in the project catalogue under system settings, or click on the settings above, click on system settings, language settings, both can be opened, you can set the number of languages, we take English and Chinese as an example here, the first language is set in English, the second language is set in Chinese, on the right side you can set the font size and colour of the language, after setting the language add the text library, add the text library The advantage of adding a text library is that you can directly build all the text content inside the text library, and then call it directly inside the component, if you want to modify the text content, you can modify it in the text library, there are also two ways to open the text library, one is to open it in the project directory, one is to open it inside the library, click on the library under the title bar above, select the text library, there is already one by default, we add another We can add another one, assuming it is Study, which in English is study and in Chinese is learn. After adding a good can directly click OK, you can also add other text, Chinese, assuming the addition of two states, 1 state to show English, 2 state to show Chinese, after adding directly click OK, then we need to call these text libraries inside other components, assuming that we use a switch bit to set the components, take the inverse operation, LB0 take the inverse, check the address with the switch the same, the label directly call the text library, you can point down the menu to select the text, add the direct click OK; In addition, you can also directly use the form of the label is also possible, still using the bit set as an example, take the inverse operation, address 1, check the indicator (check the same as the switch address), you can directly write the content of the text, assume that the 0 state input hello, in the above language inside the selection of Chinese write hello directly, then click OK, after adding we need to switch the language to be displayed, switch the language with the word register SRW10050, we use the word switch component, click on the system register, system related, at the end you can see SRW10050, the current language, 0 means language 1, 1 means language 2, here according to the actual situation is SRW10050 The default value SRW10050 is equal to 0, so the display is in English, if I set it to 1, it will show the Chinese state. That's it for the multilingual project, thanks for watching.

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