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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

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Trend charts

Hello and welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, we will talk about trend charts. In the previous we have explained the addition and preservation of data sampling, after saving data sampling, to use the trend graph or historical data display file to display, today we look at the trend graph how to display data, click on the components - graph, select the trend graph, it is in the general properties of the display points per screen and display time period per screen two, which are two different display, the number of points per screen, that is, in the interface of a trend chart, it can display how many points, counting the number of points as the basis, the time period per screen display time period is the time in the screen above the display of how long the trend chart, is displayed by how long, the default is the number of points per screen display, the difference between the time period per screen display and the number of points per screen display is that the number of points per screen display can click on the slider below to directly We also have to set a pause address, that is, when it is 0, it will refresh, when it is 1, it will stop refreshing, you can set the pause recovery time, use the cursor inside is to display a cursor in the trend chart, the cursor can also slide or click the cursor to move, the data cursor area is to display the current cursor There is a point to note here, that is, the data is not directly displayed on the graph, but you need to add the numerical display components to display the specific data, the use of scaling is divided into two-point scaling and register control scaling, two-point scaling is only applicable to capacitive screens, resistive screens do not have this function, resistive screens can only use the register control scaling to set the way, the channel selected A data source, if no data source is added, click the icon behind to add data sampling inside, use the channel hiding register is to use a word address to control the channel hiding, for example, the address here is RW0, when RW0.0 is 1, it will hide a channel, when RW0.1 is 1, it will hide the second channel, the following channel settings must be put in front of the channel The following channel settings must be checked in front of the channel, check the following draw point mark or draw connection line, check the trend chart can be displayed, do not check not to display, and can set the minimum maximum value of the channel, as well as statistics for the period of its maximum and minimum value, the same, the channel 2 is also checked, select a different colour from the channel 1, and then look at the query function, where there is a query by date, time period query, query by order and register control query mode, register control query mode is that you can control it is by period, by time, that or by order to query, we choose to query by date, to set a query trigger bit, query register must pay attention to, first enter the query to the year, month and day, and then control the query button, export CSV file, the same to set an address, it can be exported to the screen, SD card The export progress register can use a word address to show the current export progress, the export method is divided into day export and single file, choose the day export method, because if you choose single export, the file will be particularly large if there is a lot of data on that day. One thing to note is that if the query function is ticked, then the data exported is the data for the period queried, if the query function is not used, then it is all this data exported. In the scale, you can set the x-axis y-axis scale, as well as the colour and equal division, and the x-axis can make the point scale value, or you can use the time scale value, and the y-axis scale needs attention is the maximum and minimum value of its channel, you can use the first few, or you can set it yourself. Then the numerical components we have set up, the query components are also set up, we can come to the simulation, click on the line below the tool simulation click OK, set up a channel, you will find that the trend chart chart has been collected in accordance with the period we set up, assume we want today's data, set up today's time, and then point query, found that the trend chart has been queried to today, click not to query, it will not query, on the use of trend charts is explained here, thank you for listening.

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