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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.


Data sampling

Hello and welcome to the Touch Screen Operations video tutorial, where we talk about data sampling. The first is an introduction to data sampling, the second is adding data sampling entries, and the third is saving data sampling. Data sampling is mainly saved as historical data, which can be displayed in the form of historical data display elements or trend graphs. To add a data sampling entry, we click on Data Sampling in the project directory on the left, or Settings - System Settings - Data Sampling, you can click on New to add a sampling entry, enter a random name in the description, and the sampling address below is continuous if you tick the box, for example, in the If you want a non-continuous address, you can uncheck the Use continuous address for sampling, and then you can enter any address here. The first from control means that when the unit address is set to one, all previously collected historical data can be cleared. Only when the window is open, select a window here, then when the window is in this interface, these samples will be collected, if you switch to other windows will not be collected, forced sampling will be forced to collect after the check box. The sampling method is divided into two types: periodic and triggered; the minimum time for periodic is 0.1 seconds, that is, 100 milliseconds; triggered can be divided into two types: bit-triggered and word-triggered; there are three conditions for bit-triggered and various ways for word-triggered, which can be set according to your needs; triggered sampling is to collect a piece of historical data when the triggering conditions are met; here we take periodic as an example. In addition, the acquisition period should not be set too small, if set too small, it will collect a lot of data, occupying a larger memory; data recording is not saved by default, not saved is in the touch screen after power failure and restart, the previous history data will be lost, if you do not want to lose, you can save in the HMI, SD card or U disk. Saving to the HMI means saving to the screen, but the screen has limited memory and cannot store much history data. The default maximum storage limit is seven days, which means that when the maximum number of days is reached, one day's data will be deleted, i.e. rolling deletion. If the save csv format file is ticked, another cdv format file will be saved, which is a single file, that is, all the history data is saved in one, when the amount of data is large, this file will also be particularly large, it is generally not recommended to save csv format file, if you want to view, you can export the historical data into a csv file through the historical data display component or trend graph component can also be viewed, the remaining space is less than the number of bit storage full notification register, that is, when the space is insufficient, will set the value of an address to 1, prompting the space is insufficient, clear the history register, and clear the control is similar to the That is, when a bit address is set to 1, the previous history data can be cleared, we look at the non-continuous address channel channel inside a single acquisition points per channel, the default is a point, if set to multiple points, that is, in a curve with multiple addresses, generally the default number of points, you can delete the channel after selecting the channel. We can also add multiple numbers of samples, but it should be noted that multiple numbers cannot be displayed in the same trend or in the same example data display file, if you want to display in the same trend graph, then you need to add multiple channels in to the number. In addition, we look at the 24 hour space occupation at the back, where we estimate how much memory can be taken up in 24 hours according to the data sampling settings. This way we can also estimate how long the historical data can be stored in the screen, SD card or USB stick. Then use the trend graph component or the data display file to display the historical data, which will also be described in detail later in the video. This is all you need to know about setting up and saving data samples, thanks for watching.

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