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  • Professional design, manufacturer HMI Touch Screen Panel & PLC Controller, provide industry solutions and system integration since 2009.

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Using the recipe

Hello, welcome to the touch screen operation video tutorial, today we will explain the use of recipes. Recipe in the touch screen is a relatively common function, the following to show you how to operate the recipe, first of all, to create a new recipe, click on the project - recipe, select New Recipe, you can also be in the menu bar below the new recipe, here has given you a bread recipe, look at the properties of the recipe, after the creation of a new recipe needs to be named, here to bread The length of the data is defined in the data item, the number of recipe groups can be set by themselves, here to ten groups as an example, look at the data items, bread basically need recipes is water, flour, milk, etc., to these three as an example, the type is set to 16-bit unsigned number, according to the actual situation to set, you can also use the array to build recipes, water, flour, milk are to 16-bit unsigned number as an example. After setting the data items, then look at the address of the recipe storage, set is 3 * 10 groups of recipes, so its word address range is RPW_bread 0 ~ 29, a total of 30 words in length, word address index range RPWI_bread 0 ~ 2, word address index can be used with the current recipe marker register to specify to which group of recipes, for example, the value of RPI_0 represents the d0 group, then the value of this word address index range 0~2 shows the value of RPW0~2d0 group, after changing the address of the recipe number, the value inside the word address index will also change, it will be specified to the first group, the second group, etc., the bit address range corresponds to the word address index by bit, the bit address index range corresponds to the bit taking function of the word address index, the same can also use the external address for Recipe index function, this can be set according to the actual situation, clear the current recipe bit address, that is, when it is set to 1, you can clear the current recipe, clear all recipe bit address, set it to 1 when you can clear all recipes, use the operation register, here you can do some editing of the recipe data items, a total of 10 bits, LB0 ~ LB9, let's look at, respectively When LB0 is 1, a new group is inserted above the recipe group; when LB1 is 1, a new group is inserted below the current group; when LB2 is set to 1, the data recipe of the current group is copied to another group; when LB3 is 1, the current recipe group is cut; cut and copy can be used with paste; paste is LB4 is ON; LB5~LB9, the five are not open for the time being. Open, after adding the recipe directly click OK, and then add a recipe data display components, click components - recipe - recipe data display, open the recipe data display components, in the general properties can be set inside the page slide or use the keyboard, etc., in the data item settings inside, first of all, to select a recipe data source, select bread, and then check the recipe. Select bread, then check the recipe, each recipe data bits can be set, and you can set the recipe column spacing, the value of the upper and lower limits can be set, if you use a string, you can also set the string encoding format, high and low byte swap, etc., the table drawing inside the recipe components can do some settings, in the query function inside the query, import/export CSV three, the query method is divided into keywords, group number, and the number of the recipe. Query mode is divided into keywords, group number and range three, keywords is to use the keyword function to query the recipe, and you can set whether a recipe query, 1 when the query, 0 when not to query the channel; query by group number, each data item has its own group number, you can query a group of recipes by group number, query by range also to set the trigger bit, query register, query by range If you query by range, you can set multiple conditions for the query, currently you can set two conditions, these two conditions can be controlled by logical methods, such as >=, can be set by logical registers; export CSV is to export the recipe to the touch screen, SD card or U disk, import CSV is to import the recipe data from the touch screen, SD card or U disk, control settings are There are conditional control, which makes useful level control, permission control, logic control, these and other components are the same, will not repeat, after setting click OK, then add some data of the recipe, with the address index way, RPWI can match the number of recipe groups to show a specific group, add water, noodles, milk three, the address is RPWI0-2, to match the recipe The number of groups in the recipe, that is, the RPI address to set which group of recipe data to display, use the U disk to import recipes, the project comes with a window 29009, you can use this window to import recipes, export recipes is the same, is 29010 this window, we can directly select the file in the SD card or U disk, click on the import can be, export is the same, select a good export Export is the same, select the export path, export the recipe directly, you can guide the recipe out of the screen, in addition, the recipe data and screen data association is set through the recipe transfer, click on the components - switch - recipe transfer, when pressed, you can set to download the recipe to the PLC, you can also set to upload the recipe from the PLC, here to local After setting the download recipe, the data in the recipe table can be directly transferred to the PLC address or the touch screen address, after selecting the upload recipe from PLC, the recipe data from the PLC address or the touch screen can be directly stored in the recipe list, the upload to HMI is the same, the following offline simulation, you can see The current group number is the same as the effect of cursor movement inside the recipe element, click which one, the recipe data will follow the change, likewise, after setting the number of groups of recipes, in the recipe table will also change, assume that the group 0 to make bread, its water, flour, milk ratio is 20%, 30% and 50%, respectively, as the first recipe, then click download, it will transfer the recipe table directly to the PLC inside, then look at the second group of recipes, the required proportions are 30%, 40% and 30%, again by clicking on download the data of this group of recipes will be transferred directly into this,, the data inside the PLC can also be transferred directly into the list of recipes, after selecting a certain group click on upload directly, you can transfer the data inside the PLC directly into the recipe, you can use this You can use this table to save the recipe and call it up directly. This is the end of the recipe, thank you for watching.

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