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Mochuan 40 division torque motor, collaborative robot joint motor in washing machine production line

Mochuan 40 division torque motor, collaborative robot joint motor in washing machine production line

φ40mm Distribution torque motors, joint motors for Collaborative robots Parameter:

Power Voltage UDCV24
Rated Power PnW46
Rated Speed fnrpm2800
Rated Frequency nnHz233.3
Rated Torque fnNm0.16
Rated Current TnArms2.69
No-load Speed norpm4030
Maximum instantaneous torque Tn
Maximum instantaneous current In
Line counter potential factor ImVrms/krpmcustomizable ±10%
Torque factor KINm/Arms0.06±10%
Line resistance RIΩ@20°C0.904±10%
Line inductance LImH@1kHz1.48±20%
Insulation class
Position feedback devices

Shell Drawing:

T-N characteristic curve (theoretical calculation)

Industry concern

A complete washing machine production line can employ more than 100 people on a single shift. There are up to nine processes in the assembly of the washing machine backplate and screw locks. The intensity of the work, the repetitive monotony of the work, the cramped working space, the difficulty of recruitment, the increasing cost of labour and the frequent turnover of personnel lead to increased production costs, frequent manual errors and omissions and difficulties in ensuring product quality.

In addition, the accelerating demand for more and more small-volume, individual and customised appliances in recent years has led to a multitude of models, short replacement cycles and a mixed bag of products per production line, making quality control a huge challenge. In order to improve production efficiency, customers are being driven to move from standardised production to flexible manufacturing. Using Mochuan collaborative robots to create an efficient, flexible and reliable flexible production line became the perfect solution.

Mochuan Solution
The collaborative robot is equipped with a camera that can only take photos and guide the robotic arm to achieve accurate positioning for backplate installation and screw locking. The collaborative robot can replace manual repetitive operations, reduce product failure rates and help the appliance industry to become more mathematical and intelligent.
Human machine collaboration
The collaborative robot supports collision detection and sensor safety detection, does not require safety fencing, covers an area of less than 1 square metre and is a close 'buddy' for employees working side by side. The collaborative robots are used to install back plates and screw locks, a highly regulated process, while manual workers install reinforcement bars, plug and unplug pumping pipes and straighten wires - a true human-machine collaboration. Safe, reliable, compact and flexible, these robots save the factory more floor space and can be deployed directly on existing production lines, saving time and effort. Deploying Mochuan's collaborative robots on site allows for 24-hour continuous production, reducing line staff by 50% and increasing production capacity by at least 30%.
Flexible and versatile to meet different applications

There are many different types of washing machine backplate screws, each workstation having different torque and arm span requirements. The collaborative robots have load capacities ranging from 3 to 40 kg and can be used for differentiated applications. Different types of screw tightening requirements can be met. In addition, the appliance industry has very high production efficiency requirements and higher beat requirements than other industries. The collaborative robots have a single workstation beat speed of 15S, which is well suited to the customer's production needs.

The vision camera at the end of the collaborative robot solves the problem of position drift caused by cleaning the machine backplate during previous installations, allowing the screw holes to be repositioned and the screws to be accurately locked. The robot's repeat positioning accuracy can reach ±0.02mm, which can ensure that the screw locking action is completed continuously and steadily according to a uniform standard, ensuring product consistency and a locking success rate of up to 99%, solving the problem of manual omission of screwing wrong ning.

The robot industry is an important breakthrough for China's intelligent manufacturing and a necessary path for future industry-wide transformation and upgrading. White goods is full of highly competitive industries, home appliance manufacturers generally pursue economies of scale and strive to reduce production costs by expanding their scale, while robots are a booster to push the home appliance industry towards automation, labour-saving, unmanned and efficient, using robots for automated production can create higher production values and provide comprehensive competitiveness for the home appliance manufacturing industry.

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